Unrelated to the Meet The Spartans character Arbiter.



Species : Matoran
Comics : Funkin' Donuts, Observed, Beyond the Grave, Void, Small, The Homework Log, Arb's Clues
Kanohi : N/A
Colors : Grey and black
Occupation : Donut shop owner; astronaut; dead person; regular person; Salsa dancer; Maytag repairman; Director; Exterminator; Sous chef; Governor; Velociraptor; Enclave Soldier
Location : On the set of Arb's Clues
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Arr-bih-tur

-Arbiter- or Arbiter, often referred to as Arby is a comic maker who joined on July 28, 2006 but didn't start comic making until September 10, 2008. He has rapidly grown in popularity since his first series.


Arbiter joined on July 28, 2006 and wrote a couple of bad comedies. He soon gained interest in MOCing and became a very active MOCer and casual banner maker, with a few drawings as well. He soon became a recognized MOCer on BZPower.

However on September 10, 2008 he decided to shift his focus to comic making. He opened -arbiter-'s Comics and used Rayg. He managed to get six PGSes, most notably Philipnova798 and Nuparurocks. He has since deleted all of his original comics from his Brickshelf.

He then took a short hiatus from comic making and BZP overall but on March 17, 2009 he resumed comic making by serving as co-author in the Rayg-based space series Observed. This is when he started to earn a minor following.

He also gained interest in Mr.Maniac's Super Splendid Mart.

He met authors Archon and Ultimate_Kardas in Observed. The three of now seem to "come in a package", as Archon said, when doing multi-author series. Later, he started-arbiter-'s Comics II, which was merely a repost of -Arbiter-'s Comics.

His true road to fame began when he started the SSM-inspired RZMIK series Funkin' Donuts (a parody of Dunkin' Donuts) with co-author Khols. It proved to be highly successful and launched Arbiter to comic fame, overshadowing his moderate popularity as a former MOCer.

Later, he and Archon created the haunted mansion comedy Beyond the Grave with co-authors Khols, Shadow Hydruka, Ultimate_Kardas, Arcanist Tjin, Tjm and Justax-Kal which once again proved to be a success.

On August 28, 2009 he opened the solo series Void and is a co-author in iPenguin's MAS Small. He was also in Jiigoo's The Homework Log.

Arby opened a new series, a spoof of Blues Clues, on January 17, 2009. The series, named "Arb's Clues", stars Arbiter as Steve, Jahli as Blue, Oni as some person whose role hasn't been figured out yet, and many of the characters from the actual show.

Character Traits

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As a character, Arbiter is not the brightest. His stupidity was seen mostly in Funkin' Donuts, though he does exude a bit of it in all of his series. He has also shown himself prone to weird pranks, such as saying he gave someone typhoid when it was only a joke.

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