.intelligent Comics

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Genre : Random Comedy
Written By : Varaka
Current Season : One
Location/Setting : Studio
Main Enemies : None
Starting Date : June 25, 2009
Medium : Razor Kit
Status : Dead

Intelligent Comics, stylized as .intelligent comics was a comic series released by Varaka on June 25, 2009. It marked his ultimate comeback in the comics forum.

The topic eventually died from lack of posts, and the future of the comics is unknown.


Unlike many other comics, Varaka prefered the standard 3-panel method in this series. Since Varaka highly supports Marty Razor Kirra, he used the Razor Kit to help resurrect it and give the comics a sense of nostalgia, in a way. The name "Intelligent Comics" likely comes from the stereotype that most comics are noobish.

The series was set in the studio, however other locations would have been featured in future comics.


The comics start with a Matoran, Rupert looking for the Intelligent Comics Studio. When he gets in, after a while, a green Matoran, Dave, offers to take him to the manager for something. Rupert doesn't know what, but Dave would have been rubbing his fingers together. When Rupert gets to the manager, Jerry, he is hired on the spot.

Dave begins to tell Rupert about the workers. Jerry is always preoccupied, a trait which Dave exploits. Dave is always there to help, as long as there is money involved. Someone from the studio next-door runs by, interrupting the introductions, as he runs through a window. Dave proceeds to introduce Rupert to Maku, who immediately tries to kill him by strangling him.

Rupert comments that the comics don't seem intelligent, to which Dave replies "the name is just a hook." He also says that he doesn't know what false marketing is.

Later, Dave tries to put a "Duh" hat on Rupert, but Rupert stuffs it over Dave's head. Jerry then passively asks if the new employee resisted that hat.


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