Genre : Agent Satire
Written By : Vahkoro (Person)
Current Season : One
Location/Setting : American Spy Place, Villain Base
Main Enemies : Ernst Stavro Blofeld, Grant Red
Starting Date : July 15, 2008
Medium : RZMIK
Status : Dead

003 was a comic series by Vahkoro (Person) parodying James Bond and other agent media. It was about Agent 003 Vahk Bond taking 007's place due to him being on a very important mission. It was short-lived, but nevertheless received positive reception.


The year is 2006. England's main Double-Oh agent, 007, is out on an important mission to America. In a confusing twist, the "American Spy Place" has sent their most valuable agent to capture an evil villian who has returned to life, and plans to destroy all of Earth's land mass, making it an underwater hotel. While 007 is out, Agent 003 from America will take on his duties and stop the world from becoming an expensive and overpriced hotel.

His name is Bond... Vahk Bond.


  • Vahk Bond
  • Q
  • M
  • Ernst Stavro Blofeld
  • Grant Red

Double Agents (Guest Stars)

  • Toa Kroku (Agent 011)
  • MTX (Agent 006)
  • Cal (Agent 021)
  • Oni (Agent 002)
  • Sylux (Agent ???)
  • JediBot (Agent 008)

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