2-Sides is a sprite comic written by D-Shadow that became somewhat successful due D-Shadow's popularity in comics on BZPower, having a banner of it for a few months in his signature, and announcing its topic. This popoularity quickly dwindeled into almost nothing. This is mostly his own fault, because he didn't really update too often.

2-Sides is actually following the continuity of D-Shadow's Comics, including the unfinished D-Shadow's and BioNinja's Comics: Reborn Power Limits.

Story Edit

2-Sides revolves around the heir of D-Shadow, Demow, a Toa of Space, who is from 10000 years in the future, which is ruled by Shadow Striker. No one knows where Shadow Striker came from, but Demow knows that he can stop him by going to the past.

2-Sides also follows Infectus, a Toa of Infection, who is an evil tyrant that is able to cancel out the elements of any one using a type of purple energy. He plans on waging war with D-Shadow and his Resistance.

Production Edit

D-Shadow updates 2-Sides every other week like almost everything else he makes. The series has been put on hold, as to allow D-Shadow to cme up with better ideas, as he has been mostly doing the comics "free-handed," which isn't working too well with the 12 panel comics...

They may be 6 panel comics in future productions... and not except PGSes... except for people D-Shadow asked for...

Locations Edit

2-Sides takes place on Takaka Nui, an island where Matoran evolve faster than others, forming new elements never seen anywhere else.

Trivia Edit

  • The first comic was halfway made in June.
  • D-Shadow doesn't want himself as the main character, as he thinks it is a stereotype.

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