Template for matoran

A matoran template in the kit's form.

The A.T.O.S. KitEdit

The A.T.O.S. Kit(the name doesn't stand for anything) is a sprite kit made by BZPower member, Akuna Toa of Sonics.


Akuna started work on his kit shortly after he released his first comic series in mid-2009. The first version of the kit two-shaded and rather bland in his opinion. Other BZP members criticized it for looking too much like Chimoru Omega, created by Dark709. Shortly after, he removed the topic from BZPower. All known traces of the kit are gone.

His Second KitEdit

Akuna T.O.S. was persistent, and didn't give up. So in December 2009, he released the second version of his kit. This time, it was three shaded, more set like, and had a wider variety of masks. Still, it was criticized for looking too much like Chimoru. He frequently updated it, adding more to it all the time. However, the topic died in March 2010 and was revived in October of that year.

The current versionEdit

In December 2010, Akuna posted his fifth kit topic(the 3rd and 4th were posted with no new material), and it was an instant success. Since then, he has added a Turaga, 2 matoran types, rahi, and even Spartan armor.

External LinksEdit

The second kit topic

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