A Bohrok's Journey

A Bohrok's Jouney Poster

Author(s) : Oni
Current Season : One
Medium : Rahi Zaku Mini Kit
Island : Unknown
Main Enemies : N/A
Number of Movies : None
Started On : Feburary 15, 2010
Location : A White Room
Status : Temp-Closed
Pronunciation : Ay Boh-Rox Juhr-Nee

A Bohrok's Journey was a User Choice-Oriented Comic Series written by Oni and inspired by MK Comics: Delta.

Oni had the comics temp-closed after ten days, due to his temporary leave from BZP. It is unknown whether or not they will continue.

Plot Edit

The series starts with an unknown Levahk-like Bohrok simply named "Bohrok" who is introduced as being unsure of why the Bohrok are obsessed with cleansing and that he has been put in a white room, starved. Later, Emkay appears and asks what the Bohrok is doing in a white room, with him replying that he has been trying to get out for five days. Emkay then reveals that she has a few ideas.


The reception was mixed, but many liked it, including Emkay, Ziko, and Gavla. However, after the first poll, popularity decreased, but later increased again after Janaro made a vote.

BZPower TopicEdit

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