A Chimoru Comic: Redux!


Author(s) : Oni
Current Season : 2
Medium : Chimoru
Island : Multiple
Main Enemies : Changes (Currently a blue matoran wearing a headband)
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : Old: September 3, 2009

New: September 28, 2009

Location : Various Places
Status : Both Topics Closed
Pronunciation : Ay Chih-Mow-Ru Caw-Mik Ree DUHX

A Chimoru Comic! was a comic series by Oni. Unlike stereotypical Chimoru studio comics, this one has no selected cast of characters or a plot but instead each comic is a different happening with different characters. However, the series was planned be plot-based in the future. It has since been closed.

Original Series

The first comic was about a Matoran who was disliked . The matoran planned to get revenge on the people who didn't like him, but his planning was interupted by some guy who kept saying "dude". In the end, the Matoran shot "Dude" and the comic was ended due to swearing and violence.

The second, third, and fourth comics were about a Rahkshi that was to be vanquished. However, all who tried to vanquish the Rahkshi ended up being to annoying and the Rahkshi killed them instead.

The comic series was ended due to lack of ideas and the opening of Oni's MAS, The Fourth Wall.


The first (or fifth) comic of Redux is about a Matoran on his way to his grandmother's house, who finds a talking mailbox. The mailbox actually turns out to be an F.B.I. agent who is suspicous of the mailman because he is blue and wears a bandana around his head. The Matoran says the F.B.I. agent is discriminating against the matoran, but the mailman comes around with a sack of cash that he obvioulsy stole, and the Matoran facepalms.

Oni closed this topic as well, after a comic by Kahinuva.


The original series typically have three small panels. The comics each use different characters, with the exception of brief groups of comics with plots. The sprites used are, of course, Chimoru. In Redux, the current comic was much longer than this, but still used Chimoru.

Permanent Guest Stars

So far, A Chimoru Comic:Redux has two future PGSs in the plot driven saga: Gavla and The Tropical Fruit. Gavla was chosen ahead of time, and The Tropical Fruit was chosen recently due to his support for both seasons of the series.

Cameo (GSing)

Oni accepts Guest Stars in the comics. However, all that the GS's need to give is a spritesheet. The character doesn't exactly star in the comic, but is featured in some way. Due to this, Oni calls it a Cameo.


So far, all have reviewed it well, and had two pages in the short peroid it was released. It's been reviewed by people such as Nuparurocks and VakamaTK.

Redux received comments from The Tropical Fruit, Jiigoo as well as others.

BZPower Topics

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