A Room With a Mahi

Rwam poster

Genre : Comedy
Written By : Tavakai
Current Season : One
Location/Setting : Interdimensional space
Main Enemies : Insanity?
Starting Date : September 21, 2010
Medium : Various; mainly Hexshade Chimoru Omega and PowerPoint drawings
Status : Just begun

A Room With a Mahi, abbreviated as RWAM, is a comedy-focused series authored by Tavakai.


At some point, Tavakai decided that his main series would be strictly canon, and characters would not break the fourth wall. However, he knew that he would miss fooling around with that kind of stuff, so he planned on writing "triwall" series--series whose fourth walls were all but nonexistent.

The original plan for A Room With a Mahi was for it to be released after Tavakai: The Movie. But once Tavakai had computer problems, he decided to bump it up to be during the movie and change the plot accordingly. Though it was released before the movie, it is mainly a filler series and no matter when it ends, its plot would be after the end of the movie. It would then be replaced with another triwall series, though.


Introductory Comics

At the beginning, Tavakai explains via flashback about something horrible that happened to him. He went out for a pizza, and when he got back to his office found that his computer would not start. A voice spoke to him over the speakers, and later revealed itself to be that of Papa Murphey. Murphey explained that his computer had been infected with a virus, and the hard drive was destroyed. He also said that Tavakai had been infected with a mutated form of Nocomicitis.

A month later, Tavakai is procrastinating, and Kahinuva tries in vain to get him to work on comics--two months after that, he's still procrastinating. Some scientists who work for the ICC need a test subject for an experiment, so Kahi decides to bring Tav in.

Topic Information

RWAM is contained in the TavKorp topic, found here.


  • The beginning parts of the series are partially based in real life; Tavakai's computer did crash while he was working on his movie. However, there was no pizza or viruses involved.
  • In the fifth comic, Tapika is shown pretending to be Tavakai. This is a reference to their similar appearances.
  • Also in the fifth comic, one of the scientists bears resemblance to Rex the noob. Tavakai did this on purpose as a joke, since the scientists wore goggles--Rex's main trait.

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