Advanced Rahkshi


Species : Rahkshi
Comics : Bionicle Star Wars
Kanohi : Yellow Rahkshi head
Colors : Yellow, dark yellow
Element : N/A
Occupation : Sith Army Androids
Tools : Various guns
Location : Levanas Nui
Status : Functioning in huge numbers
Pronunciation : N/A

Advanced Rahkshi make up the Sith's army in Bionicle Star Wars. They are made with the Advanced Rahkshi Synthesizer, which was introduced in Comic 7. They are yellow Android Rahkshi armed with laser guns. They prove to be a formidable enemy in Comic 9, as the Jedi had to fight an army of 33 of them. They appear in much more vast numbers later on.


They are currently in Levanas Nui, sided with the Orkhamian Tribe led by Chief Orkham. However, he is not aware that Darth Sharzahk has trained the Advanced Rahkshi to betray him when the time is right.

Advanced Rahkshi Synthesizer

The Advanced Rahkshi Synthesizer is a powerful machine created by Darth Sharzahk and demonstrated to Darth Kharahk in Comic 7. It works by inserting the plans into the slot and then pressing the correct button (yellow for Advanced Rahkshi). Then, a beam of energy creates the main structure. They then pick up their weapons and are good to go. The process is quick and easy.


What a fine day to make some Jedi killing machines.

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