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Made By : Original: Venom, Sylux, Ontez; 2.0: JediBot and Gavla; 3.0: FireEmblem and Arc1110
Current Season : 1st
Sprite Kit : Chimoru, Xaniskit
Main Enemies : Death, Barney; 3.0: Boss, Robowarriors, Surrogates
Started On : June 15, 2008
Location : Agents HQ
Status : Dead

-{Agents}- refers to three comic series.


-{Agents}- was created from a little game that Venom, Sylux, and Ontez played on a chatroom. The game was that all three of the people were agents and their enemy was Barney. This was made into a comic series by Sylux, with the fictional character X-Ecutioner as their boss. The comics were made in Chimoru and everything else was completely custom.

-{Agents}- gained positive criticism from most. It racked up 5 pages with 194 posts before Sylux decided to quit due to -{Agents}- being a time taking series and Ontez not making comics. Venom hired Gavla and JediBot to continue -{Agents}-.

-{Agents}- 2.0

The second series of -{Agents}- was made by JediBot and Gavla on September 5th, 2008. It was made in Xaniskit 1.0. It did not include X-Ecutioner and added 3 new characters: Sharkbite, Tech, and Cahli, Gavla's girlfriend. Also added was Death's miniature tank and Tech's prototype miniature tanks.

The series gained mostly positive reviews. But Venom, one of the original authors gave negative criticism, stating that "it was opened too early" and that "it wasn't that funny". It was closed due to the request of JediBot.

-{Agents}- 3.0

On August 19th, 2009, FireEmblem felt like making the third Agents series, so he asked Arc1110 if he wanted to join. Arc said yes, and -{Agents}- 3.0 was made. The first comic was published in FireEmblem's BZPower blog to see if anyone would want to see it. The topic was made August 20th, 2009 in Xaniskit 2.0. This series, unlike the previous series, included X-Ecutioner as the Agents' boss once more.

-{Agents}- 3.0 has received negative to neutral criticism, with a statement from Caboose saying "Most of the comics are not funny." Other criticism has been fairly positive. -{Agents}- 3.0 has racked up 4 pages with 125+ posts. Between then and now, -{Agents}- 3.0 had gained 2 new authors: Gavla, hired due to never making a comic in -{Agents}- 2.0, and Oni.

FE decided to temporarily halt it and reopen it for January or February 2010, but this did not happen due to Arc not wanting to make anymore comics, Gavla too busy with future projects, Oni quitting, and Venom wanting to make an Agents 4. Agents 4 has now been scrapped due to a new MAS Venom is making and FE now calls Agents, "a fun thing to do but a sad, sad outcome."

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