The Akarip were a team of Matoran Clones of the Piraka. They were featured in the MAS Results May Vary.


Results May Vary

The Akarip made their first appearance in an animation that Coleanuva made. All that was shown was who they were and their one-word title, though a scene with Reidak imitating Mario was shown at the end. Not much is known about the Akarip's goals, as their screen time was limited. Because of this, their exact nature is up for debate. All that is currently known is that they "had to be stopped" and could travel between universes.

Appearances and Personalities

The Akarip are all Matoran versions of the Seven Piraka, with only minor coloration differences. (Example: Hakann has Silver armor as opposed to Gun Metal armor.) However, their personalities are strikingly different then their real forms.

List of Akarip and their Personalities

  • Zaktan- "The Leader"
  • Hakann- "The Block of Cheese"
  • Avak- "The Nerd"
  • Vezok- "The Team Player"
  • Thok- "The Chicken"
  • Reidak- "The Cusser/ The ???"
  • Vezon- "The Rebel"


  • Due to concerns raised by Coleanuva, Reidak's personality had to be changed. Since the series has been cancelled, however, it is currently unknown what his new personality was going to be.
  • Reidak is the only Akarip who was shown in an actual context.
  • Like with Swearing Steve, the "cuss words" that Reidak says were meant to be nothing in particular.
  • Zaktan is the only Akarip with a personality close to that of his Piraka counterpart.

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