Species : Matoran
Comics : That's Messed Up: Creator's Wrath
Kanohi : Unknown
Colors : Blue-Red
Element : Also Unknown
Occupation : Dimensional Treasure-Hunter
Tools : "Sea foam" lightsaber
Location : The Underworld
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : ACK-ee

Aki is a Matoran of an unknown species found native to a mostly unknown dimension, and is featured in That's Messed Up: Creator's Wrath.


Very little is known about Aki's past. There are several theories on how he got to the Underworld, but all of them reflect the rest of the Matoran. Sometime later, he was hired by the Underworld Leader as a treasure hunter, sent out to seek a legendary item. Though he never quite understood what it was needed for, saying it was "like strapping toothbrushes onto fish", he carried out the job but was never able to find it.

Eventually, in the first comic of That's Messed Up: Creator's Wrath, Gerlicky tumbled through a portal to the Underworld. Aki was the first one to find the semi-conscious Matoran, and he took him to the headquarters.

Aki later questioned the Underworld Leader's authority and stormed to confront him (followed by Blade Titan974 and Chokii), only to find a mysterious portal by the power source for the Underworld HQ. Aki was stopped by Mantax from entering the portal, and ended up in the breakroom doing nothing at all.


  • Aki is described as a "Wii-Matoran" in some locations.
  • The fact that Aki is also the name of a Kanohi mask is no coincidence.
Spoiler Warning: The following contains things that we believe spoil ending details, newly released names, etc. (Please highlight the white space below if you want to read it.)
Aki has a partner who worked with him in several cases until he retired. He is scheduled to appear in the next TMU installment, and could even appear before that.

Additionally, Aki will eventually become a Toa. He will appear in the very last installment of TMU.

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