The planet Allira as seen from space.

Allira is a planet located in an alternate universe and is the setting for Emkay's Worlds Beyond The Horizon Of The Mind.


Allira is a desert planet that revolves around it's axis once every year. Because of this, the north and south poles are the only places where life can thrive. Anywhere else, the temperatures are either too hot or too cold depending on what time of year it is. An extensive ring system, called the Itarah by the native people, spins around the planet at a 90 degree angle.


Allira is able to support life, but only on its poles. Vegetation is rare, but there is a substantial amount needed to sustain life. A Matoran-like species called the Hakim inhabit the planet.



The desert surface of Allira.

Although mostly a mountainous wasteland with only a relatively small area of habitable land, culture has thrived. Directly on the north pole is a vast temple called Laeva which the Hakim believe is located at the center of the universe and all creation since it lies directly under the rings, the sun crawls along the horizon as if it wasn't worthy of the holy temple, and all compasses point directly to it.

The only known communities at this time are the Tomahna Province (which was only hinted upon) and the city of Almadyna.


The Hakim religion states that Allira was created by a divine Spider called the Ankab Shaddai by vibrating the strings of its web. The Spider's touch caused vegetation to grow and it's booming voice formed oceans. It is unknown how and when the planet became a barren desert.


  • Allira shares its name with a character from the same series.
  • Laeva is derived from "Lev", the Hebrew word for heart.
  • Itarah is derived from "Atarah", the Hebrew word for crown.

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