Almadyna is one of the largest cities on the planet Allira and is featured in Emkay's Worlds Beyond The Horizon Of The Mind.



"The Execration of Karadaya"

Almadyna is very Persian in architectural style. The majority of the buildings are built out of adobe and are very close together making the city's roads very narrow, sometimes having arches hanging over them.

Within the city, there's a statue called The Execration of Karadaya that depicts the murder of Yuzaraal and Karadaya's exile as depicted in the Hakim Credo.


  • Almadyna is Arabic for "The City" although the spelling was changed to separate it from Al-Medina, the second holiest city in the Islam religion.
  • The pictures used for Almadyna are actually of Yazd, Iran. It was chosen for many reasons including its unique architecture and ambiguity among the general BZP populace.
  • However, the fist picture used for Almadyna was of Ica, Peru which is over 9000 miles from Yazd.

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