The alternate Bionicle Haloverse is the depiction of Bionicles in a future human universe. It is the primary, and only, setting for the comics Bionicle Halo.

Planets and other locations

Earth Nui

From where Toa/Matoran originate. It became overcrowded, so the went out into the universe to expand.

Metru Octanus IV

The setting of a small story arc. The Covenant had taken it, killing many of it's inhabitants. The TOA were sent down to liberate it. Refy, Nako, and Kuuls were discovered to be living here; Refy was a sewer hobo. Nako was also taking up resident and "hanging out". The major city in which this takes place is called Cote' de Koro. Their mission objective involves Cote' de Koro's Museum of Multiverses.

Metru of Autumn

Metru of Autumn is a UNSC capitol ship, much like the Pillar of Autumn in Halo.


The Bionicle Haloverse is the setting for all Bionicle Halo comics, seeing as it is a whole universe.



  • The names of ships, planets, cities, etc. are all a mix of Bionicle and Halo names. Metru Nui and Pillar of Autumn makes the Metro of Autumn. the city in which most of the action on Metru Octanus IV, Cote' de Koro, is a mix of Cote' de Azure, and the Koro name which, in Bionicle, means village.
  • Confusion of why both the main species of human-stand-ins, Toa, and the name of the elite squad soldiers, TOA, has been pointed out, but not cleared up. The Jackals and Grunts are species of Matoran, similar to the other human-stand-ins Matoran. That hasn't been cleared up either.

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