Alternia is an island much wanted by the Army of Darkness. It was conquered several times by the Army. Alternia is most famous for its huge role in The Past. It is also the original home of Vican, Karruk, Bomber, Zonik, Zylek, and AlexT.


Alternia has a sad history, full of war and imprisonment.

The First War of Alternia

Back when the Army of Darkness was first starting to conquer the known world, Alternia caught their eye. Without warning, the Army laid seige to the island continent, thinking they were in for an easy victory. They were wrong, and the Alternans kept the fight going for a long, long time, before the Army finally one. Zylek, an Alternan traitor, was left in charge of Alternia while the Army of Darkness continued on their quest for conquest.

The Second War of Alternia

Twenty-one years after the First War of Alternia, a resistance group led by a matoran named Zonik rose up, and attacked the unsuspecting Army of Darkness troops. The rebels were quickly winning. Zylek sent a message to the Army of Darkness leaders, asking for reinforcements. He got what he wanted: the entire Army of Darkness, except the troops guarding already conquered lands, arrived on the shores of Alternia. A long, full-scale war then took place. The Alternans got help from all over the known universe, but were still losing. After too much blood was spilled on both sides, a new army rose up, and almost totally wiped out both sides of the war, forcing the Army of Darkness and the Alternan Rebels to become allies against this new threat. Finally, a long quest and six toa later, the threat was defeated, and the Army of Darkness was forced to leave Alternia.

The Quick Wars

Many times after the first two Wars of Alternia, the Army of Darkness has tried retaking the land again and again. Every time they failed, due to the Alternans being constantly ready, and BZ-Guards always on patrol. The time during all of these failed attempts was called the Quick Wars.

See Also

The Past, a comic series by Arkatox and Gavla about the Wars of Alternia

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