Ancient Bow


Comics : Blade Titan974's Comics
Type of Weapon : Bow
Main colour : Uh, Brown.
Power : Unknown
Size : Medium
Usage : Arrow Slingin'
Status : With Ketru
Pronunciation : N/A

The Ancient Bow is a weapon that is currently wielded by Ketru.


The Ancient Bow was once wielded by a hero. It was unknown who or when this was. It was later found by Blade Titan974 who gave it Ketru.


It is unknown what powers the bow has, but it has been known that Ketru became a expert archer after he received the bow, whether this is related to the bow is unknown. It was also seen balancing on a pedestal quite impossibly.


  • Although the bow had a quiver, Blade forgot to give it Ketru when they headed to find the Meta Sword. This led to Ketru making his own quiver in Comic 14.
  • The Ancient Bow also made an appearance in Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0 in a mob scene (with Ketru)

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