Angry Nidhiki's House is a name that typically refers to the home of comic star Angry Nidhiki, not to be confused with the house of Angry Nidhiki, the comic author, whose house is a dull and boring thing at which to look. Angry Nidhiki's House was designed by Angry Nidhiki himself, and has undergone many renovations since its original construction.

Architecture and Design



Angry Nidhiki's highly complex blueprint design for his home.

Angry Nidhiki's House features a simplified, no-nonsense layout pioneered by Angry Nidhiki, who is also a renowned architect. This layout includes a really long hallway, which is often used for staging comics, as well as Nid's room. The hallway is painted with a green-based gradient and once included a baseboard, which was a metaphor for Angry Nidhiki's high class and stylish taste (It was removed after it was widely recognized that Angry Nid has high class and stylish taste). No one knows what the inside of Nid's room looks like, since it does not have a known light switch. Also, Angry Nidhiki's House has no bathroom, though it does occasionally house man-eating toilets.

History of Rennovations

  • Angry Nidhiki's house was originally an assemblage of rectangles drawn in Microsoft Paint. It was soon redone because it sucked.
  • The next renovation involved a Christmas-colored gradient and a black floor. The Christmas colors got really annoying, and the black floor showed dandruff.
  • This was soon followed with a repainting of the wall with a brown-based gradient. Someone didn't get the memo that the black floor showed dandruff.
  • The wall was eventually repainted with a more pleasing, green gradient and a hardwood floor was installed. The floor kind of sucked, but it didn't show dandruff.
  • And then Nid realized that it would look so much better with a stylish baseboard and raised the bar by coloring the floor with a brown-based gradient and the wall with a green-based gradient, both of which looked awesome.
  • Later Nid went for a more simple, pastel-ish approach to design. He uprooted the baseboard and created a more subtle-toned, green gradient with which to paint the wall, as well as coating the floor with a plain, brown color.

Burning Down The House


Naked Nid, apparently completely oblivious to the damage occuring behind him.

At one point, Angry Nidhiki's House nearly burned to the ground. In the process of revealing himself in the glory of all his soul, Naked Nid managed to set Angry Nidhiki's House on fire. Fortunately, Dokuma managed to put out the fire soon afterward.

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