Apartment M.D


Made By : FireEmblem, Varderan, and Eljay.
Current Season : 1
Sprite Kit : Vortex Kit
Island : The Comic Land
Main Enemies : None
Number of Movies : None
Started On : N/A
Location : Awshum Hospital, Comic Land
Status : Scrapped
Pronunciation : N/A

Apartment M.D was a planned MAS including FireEmblem, Varderan, and Eljay.


Apartment M.D is about three doctors: FireEmblem, (surgeon) Eljay, (anti-doctor, he hates doctors but is one) and Varderan. (a nurse/daily doctor) They all work for a sarcastic jerk who always knows the diagnosis of his patients named Gregory Apartment. Him and his team go through relationships, diseases, and humor.

Apartment M.D has been presumably scrapped due to no news on its status.

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