Author(s) : Ziko
Current Season : One, Unreleased
Medium : RZMIK
Island : N/A
Main Enemies : Unknown
Number of Movies : None
Started On : N/A
Location : Aquos Alternate Dimension
Status : Cancelled
Pronunciation : AW-kwohs / AQ-kwus

Aquos was a comic series planned by Ziko, which was never released. The plot was to center upon the events within an alternate universe, where the Great Beings never created Mata Nui, and there was no Spherus Magna.


When something crashes into and destroys the planet Solarius, the planet's Aquos Pods are released in order to find a way to rescue the planet's inhabitants. But, something had gone wrong, and the surviving Aquos Pods drifted until they settled on another planet far from their destination.

Planned Aspects

  • Hapori Tohu was to play a large role in the series.
  • The residents of Solarius would have used Jiigoo's iToa sprites.
  • Most of the Aquos Pods would not have made it out of Solarius.


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