Species : Matoran
Comics : Arc's Comics
Kanohi : Red/Black Great Huna
Colors : Red and Black
Element : Fire
Occupation : Comic Maker, Spriter, and Animator
Tools : Paint, GIMP, Photoshop Elements 7
Location : Unknown; not the Comic Land
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Ark
— Arc

Arc1110 is a comic maker and spriter on BZPower, best known currently for his sprite work in the Arc Kit Ex and in his detailed movie-style kit.

He is notorious for abandoning a lot of ideas, and he is currently on a hiatus.


Others' Work

Arc1110 is a fan of RZMIK, Xaniskit and the Halo series. He is also scheduled to be a co-author in season 2 of the series The Moron Squad. His signature weapon is his assault rifle.

His sprite bears similarity to Tjm's sprite, with Arc joking about it in a now deleted comics.

His Work

Actual kit trailer

Movie style sprite.

Arc is one of the most popular and acclaimed new spriters, receiving comments from people such as Nuparurocks. He has made a lot of kits and shaded others.

Chim body mod

Arc's Chimoru Omega modification.

Arc1110 also helped Sylux with his Evolutions Kit and is a PGS in his series XD Comics. He is also a GS in SIMPLICITY.

He has been recognized by a good amount of people, including Johnuva, Oni, Arbiter, and others.

Comic Projects


Arc's first comic series was Random Randomness, and his most recent position is as co-author for Agents 3.0. He is also a good GIMP user, having made some detailed and professional outside backgrounds.

Current Projects

  • None

Ended Projects

Upcoming Projects

Possible Projects

Cancelled Projects

External links

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