Species : Matoran
Comics : N/A
Kanohi : Yellow/Purple Sanok
Colors : Yellow and Purple
Element : Telekineses
Occupation : Comic Maker
Tools : None
Location : R.A.T. Studio
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : N/A

Argaraffe, also known as Mr. Telluris is a comic maker on BZPower and a comic character. He joined BZPower on June 6, 2009 and has become fairly popular after the success of his solo series.


Comic History

Argaraffe's first solo comic series was Randomly Associated Things, more commonly known as R.A.T. It is currently in its second season, and it uses Xaniskit Matoran. It has been fairly successful and currently has over twenty pages.

In addition to having his own series, Argaraffe has participated in multiple Multi-Author Series. One of the first MAS's he worked on was Project Nothing, which has since died. He is currently authoring Bioboy12's Bionicle: BC and his own The Twilight Zone. He also began the MAS Operation Funny Money, which he had closed. He was last seen making a series featuring Philipnova798, Janaro, Makito and Philbert.



Argaraffe is a Matoran of Telekinesis, with a vibrant color scheme of purple and yellow. He likes to be referred to as Argaraffe, or simply Arga. He enjoys tacos, bombs, and fire. He is also quite the prankster.

In Bionicle: BC

In Bionicle: BC, Argaraffe arrived back in time when he tested a Vahi that he had purchased. Upon his arrival, he ate the Vahi, due to not having anything else to eat. He later met up with Jakiro.

In The Twilight Zone

In The Twilight Zone, Argaraffe's adventure started when he went on a quest with WVU Fan and Glattion to find the perfect place to relocate R.A.T. During this search, the group found themselves at Whiplash Manor. The trio came across Frederick, a servant who happened to be a half zombie, who attempted to sell them blood for eighty-seven Widgets.

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