Arnold Kanohiwrangler


Species : Matoran
Comics : Dark709's Comics
Kanohi : Tan Kakama with red bandana on
Colors : Tan, brown, chocolate-like brown (feet)
Element : None
Occupation : Dark709's bodyguard
Tools : Occasional weapon
Location : Dark709's studio in The Comic Land
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : N/A

Arnold Kanohiwrangler is a character in Dark709's Comics.

Character Overview

Arnold Kanohiwrangler is Dark709's bodyguard. He may be rough, buff and tough but he really helped out a lot in the past. Just recently, He ate the second comic eraser (by falling on top of it) to protect Dark and the guest star, Tomdroidser. This unfortunately caused his stomach to become a small black hole, resulting in him being constantly hungry which has impacted on the comics. He is also known to have a brother named Joe in Pepena's GS comic.

Recently, he was fired by Dark after he and the others became Toa, because he didn't need a bodyguard, but was later re-hired after they turned back into Matoran. He often shows pride in doing his work (as can be seen in Zakitano's GS comic).


  • Arnold appeared in 2.0 before he got hired by Dark.
  • He is obviously Based on the Ex-movie star Arnold Schwarzenegger.
  • He bears a resemblance to the beach-loving Matoran who appeared frequently in 2.0.
  • He is ALWAYS hungry now because he ate a (second) comic eraser.

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