Species : Turaga
Comics : The Unknown Turaga Saga
Kanohi : Hau
Colors : Green
Element : Plant Life
Occupation : Ruler of the Daxian Archipelago
Tools : Orb-tipped staff
Location : Daxian Archipelato
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : ah-roo-kah

Arukka is a wise Turaga of Plant Life. He is the ruler of the Daxian Archipelago and is the island chain's representative in the Turaga High Council. It has been hinted that he himself is the present leader of the High Council.


As a Toa

During his time as a Toa, Arukka was one of the two guardians of the Daxian Archipelago. He acted as the mentor and teacher of Eljay, a young Toa of the same element.

Some time after the death of the Archipelago's then ruler, Arukka became a Turaga and assumed the post for himself.

As a Turaga

For a long time, Arukka has ruled the Daxian Archipelago with a caring hand, always putting his people first, in stark contrast to his predecessor. He has always been a strong voice of reason in the Turaga High Council, and even now continues to educate Eljay in some respects.

Much later on, Lord Toa Harkha submitted a resignation from his post to Arukka; Arukka oversaw Dreiken's ascension to the title.


As a Toa of Plant Life, Arukka was capable of controlling plants and inducing their growth. He specialised mainly in the manipulation of vines and such.


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