Astelan and Jiigoo

Astelan and Jiigoo.

Astelan is a Dark Angels Space Marine (a former Chapter Master) and a character used by Kothra.

Comic History

Astelan was transported to the Comic Land via Warp anomaly. He was found by Dekcatta who was on his way to Kothra's Blue Orange Comics Limited, and Dek brought him along. At the studio, Kothra provided Astelan for was long as he wished, due to the lack of a sufficient warp drive on the planet.

Astelan joined the comics and is basically became chief of security.

Astelan is usually silent, and doesn't care for much. He doesn't really tolerate idiocy, and as such, he often deals with it swiftly (often utilising his bolter).


Astelan has a variety of weapons inluding:

  • Bolter/Boltgun - A bolter is a two-handed rapid-fire carbine-type weapon that fires explosive rounds. His most commonly used weapon.
  • Bolt Pistol - A bolt pistol is a pistol version of a bolter, with a lower ammo capacity and stuff.
  • Chainsword - basically a sword, but with a blade similar to that of a chainsaw.
  • Flamer - A handheld flamethrower. It is only used once, on Jiigoo, when his arms were glued to his body and mouth glued shut.


  • Astelan's armour in the comics is dark green, though technically this is incorrect, as his armour probably never changed since the destruction of Caliban. As such, his armour should be blac. This problem will probably be adressed in his next appearance.
  • Astelan's spritesheet is an edited RZMIK sheet. It features a Space Marine amour power generator backpack-thing, a slightly edited Hau as a helmet and the Imperial Aquila etched onto the armour's front.
  • Astelan was created by Gav Thorpe and originally featured in his Warhammer 40,000 novel Angels of Darkness.
  • Astelan also appeared in Gav Thorpe's short story Call of the Lion as the main character, and in Mike Lee's Horus Heresy Novel Fallen Angels as a secondary character.

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