Av-Matoran Studios is a comic series run by Johnuva, who is himself an Av-Matoran, hence the studio's name.

The Main Characters

The Crew

Johnuva- The Head of the studio, he has an unmatchable fear of the Daleks, as they have currently invaded his last few studios. He also likes to give an enemy a second chance, especially if they were once an old friend of his. His past is currently unknown.

Armoured Rahkshi- AR, or Arkeenoh, was originally owned by a Le-Matoran called Aldirnu, and was given the exo-rahkshi suit as a means of protection. He is extremely powerful, but hasn't yet found a way to stop himself over-powering his power blasts, and often finds himself out of power, but his ferociousness is enough to keep his enemies at bay.

Kanumi- The older brother of Maita, he protected her at Mazkea's rebellions, but is always worried about her, and is dreading the day she dies in a fight, if she ever does. He is currently receiving training from Johnuva in fencing, as he is not yet a skilled fighter.

Maita- The younger sister of Kanumi, and a bit over-protective of him, even though he is her actual guardian. She is apparently a better fighter than Kanumi.

Bill- A Ko-matoran obsessed with Dr. Pepper. Appearing in series 2.

The PGSes: (They can fill in their own stuff.)

Cin-Gali's Fan





Toa Alperx Appearing officially in series 2.

Dark709 Appearing officially in series 2.

Bad Guys

Mazkea/Nexon- Originally a Ta-matoran named Nexon, Mazkea became a tyrant during an onslaught on the first comic land by a Revolution, which destroyed that comic land and was only just stopped by Hapori Tohu. He was also part of the war that destroyed the second comic land. he is the main antoginist of the series and the movie, The Wars of Mazkea. Nothing has yet been said of his future, but he will not be the villain for series 2.

The Pigments- A clone race, bred especially for war, The pigmeants were based on a pair of matoran, Gip and Ment, who Mazkea met shortly after the second comic land war. He stuck Gip in a cloning machine, stuck more clones in even more cloning machines, and the army soon grew to maximum potential. The Pigments also wear laser-proof armour. Ment is currently working on laser-proof clones, not just their armour.

Dakrus Appearing in series 2.

Vorlon Appearing in series 2.


Johnuva actually asked dark and alperx to PGS, unlike everyone else, who asked him themselves.

He based the pigment's Colour scheme on Mr. Zimmwad.

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