Genre : Bionicle Parody
Started/Maintained By : Ozuan, Kahinuva, Philbert
Current Season : 1
Location/Setting : Mata Nui
Main Enemies : None
Starting Date : July 10, 2009
Sprite Kit : Xaniskit
Status : Dead

BIONICLE: Retold was a rotational multi-author comic series comic series that parodied the canon BIONICLE storyline.


BIONICLE: Retold was originally a comedy that was made by Ozuan. As he was talking to Kahinuva about this, Kahinuva suggested that he change it to a comic since he, Ozuan, and the other author, Philbert Flakes, were better known for creating comics. Kahinuva opted to choose Xaniskit because of it's various expressions and because it already had sheets for all of the Toa Mata premade. Ozuan agreed and notified Philbert Flakes. It was then decided that Kahinuva would start the topic, since both Philbert and Ozuan would be on vacation.


BIONICLE: Retold was released on June 10th, 2009. It got numerous good reviews, notably from The Tee and Khols.

It currently has eight comics: Three made by Kahinuva, two by Ozuan, one by Philbert, one fan comic made by Khols and one fan comic made by Toa Spirit.



BIONICLE: Retold starts with Tahu awakening on the beach of Ta-Koro. After observing the clouds, he is found by a very talkative and annoying Takua who peppers his speech with the word "didja". After putting himself together, Tahu is informed by Takua that he must go to Ta-Koro. He then sets himself on fire.

Meanwhile, in Onu-Koro, Onua arrives but is rejected by Nuparu after seeing that Onua ate his favorite dirt.

In Ko-Koro, Kopaka awakes and is greeted by Matoro. However, Kopaka does a Kopeke impression, leaving Matoro to be carried off by a Noobi-Rama.

Tahu then arrived in Ta-Koro only to find that Vakama was slightly confused about his Three Virtues. Jaller then came and notified him that Takua was stuck in a well, even though there was no need for a well in Ta-Koro.


  • BIONICLE: Retold is the first ever MAS that has its main kit Xaniskit 2.0, the first BIONICLE parody using Xaniskit and the the first to use the Xaniskit Toa Mata.
  • It is also the first MAS to use Xaniskit Mctoran.


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