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BZ-Guard Squadron 083

Bz guard squadron 083

Headquarters : The Berusiduct
Leader : Commander Harper (former), Commander Jahli
Purpose : Enforcement of law, protection of the Public
Allies : Those who stand for Tohu
Enemies : Those who stand against Tohu
Status : Currently unknown
Comics : The Past
Location : Alternia, The Comic Land

The BZ-Guard Squadron 083 is a BZ-Guard squadron in The Past (and possibly the sequel to The Past, or later on in Gavla's Comics) led by Commander Harper that was sent to the aid of the island continent Alternia, which was fighting for freedom against the Army of Darkness. After Harper's death, Jahli, one of the guards, was promoted to commander. It is unknown why this squadron was given a number, rather than a letter. Possibly they were out of letters?

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