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Author(s) : WUV Fan
Current Season : One
Medium : Two and Six shade Chimoru, Xaniskit
Island : Unknown
Main Enemies : Miranda the Ghost
Number of Movies : None
Started On : May 21, 2010
Location : The BZP TV Studio
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : BZP Tee-Vee

BZP TV is a non-rotational Multi-author Comic Series made by WVU Fan, currently ZeebaEata, which features Rokroro, Autodude, Bioboy12, Glattion and Jala199 as the series co-authors. It was posted on May 21, 2010, and it later spawned a spinoff series staring MacNewber, a Noob, that acts like the Saturday Night Live character MacGrubber, who in turn is a parody of McGyver.

Plot Overview


After watching MacNewber, Ro-Koro, Bioboy12 and jala199 complain about how horrible it was and state that they can make better stuff. They meet up with WVU Fan, who just came from watching an inspirational film about Matoran wearing pants (a sly referrence to his campaign that started in R.A.T.). They leave and WVU Fan buys a TV studio. Insanity insures when a ghost named Miranda comes back from the dead after hiding in a closet for years.


Based upon the movie featured in the first comic, MacNewber is a series that further expands on the adventures of everyone's favorite (or least favorite) noob.


Out side of the authors, these are the characters:

  • Miranda the Ghost- a Former Hide-and-Seek champion that was left in a closet and no one found her. She died shortly after and has recently came back from the dead.
  • MacNewber- A problem-solving (suposedly) noob that tends to get on many peoples nerves. despite this, he normally saves the day. He has his own spin-off series within the topic itself.


Aside from MacNewber, the series has parodied Star Trek, The Learning Channel, Paranormal Activity and WVU Fan's "No Pants, No Freedom" campaign.

Production Notes

The series was originally a rotational multi-author series until recently when WVU Fan decided to remove it, so that no one would be pressured with deadlines.

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