Rahi Zaku

Well, we have a page on his little kit; we have a page on his big kit. What we don't have is a page on the creator of the kits, Rahi Zaku himself. Of course, being a staff member of this Wiki, I am, of course, afflicted with extreme and persistent laziness, which prevents me from doing any real editing to the page. Or, maybe I just don't know enough about him. Either way, we certainly could use a good article on the creator of one of the most widely-used kits on BZPower.
So let's make it happen, yes? Gogogogogo!
ZikoSignoff (User Page | Talk Page) 22:29, May 22, 2010 (UTC)

Lavaside Rahi

This is rather sad. Aside from having a long-running comic series and being one of the few Razor comics that I actually like, Lavaside Rahi is one of those guy that can use MS Paint and still make a hilarious comic with it. He's got a ton of both comics and achivements, and it's pretty sad that there's pretty much nothing on him.
So hop to it, editors. Expand and image it and all that jazz.
KH User Page-Talk 15:43, April 20, 2010 (UTC)


As much as I'd like to see the prior collaboration get worked on, I find it pretty sad that a wiki such as ours has such a pitiful article on comics. In general, there is a lot of work that needs to be done on broad-themed pages such as these, such as the humor-based comics that make up the majority of this site (the fact that that page link is red should be a clue to you editors). Think of the big picture of sprite comics, how they came about on BZP, what subgenres exist, and so forth.
So get cracking! *whips slaves*
--DokTalk|Contribs 18:05, March 30, 2010 (UTC)


One of the disadvantages of being such a new member is the lack of knowledge of old members and series. As such, I only know him for creating the Rayg Sprite Maker. But I've gotten pieces of information about him and from what I've gathered he's BZPower's unofficial king of awesomeness; helped with SPIRIT's PSAs; he was a character in Exo's Comics, Project Llol, and; created the Sprite Maker mentioned about and the OMGIMRBBC, a random banner maker.
Anyhow, someone like this certainly doesn't deserve a stubbed, spammy, CAD'd page at all. So get to work and give Cee a page he deserves.
KH User Page-Talk 16:54, January 9, 2010 (UTC)


Found banner
A MAS originally started by Dr. Random, this now closed series needs a cleanup and needs it badly. Since it came about before I was a member, I can't really say much else than clean this article!
KH User Page-Talk 04:54, November 13, 2009 (UTC)
Moreover, this entire wiki is lacking of articles pertaining to various aspects of this series. What is needed is a summary of the entire plot of the series, in addition to cleanups/creations of new articles. Get crackin'!
--DokTalk|Contribs 17:59, November 13, 2009 (UTC)

Guest Star

Well, since "Operation Pixels", aka fixing the Sprite Article, was complete success, now we are going to collab on Guest Stars aka "Operation: Torture" since that's what usually happens to the guest starts :P. Almost every comic series has at least one Guest Star in their run, and an article like this shouldn't be a stub. So start working and give this article proper glory!
KH User Page-Talk 14:40, 26 July 2009 (UTC)


Yes, this is the first Featured Collaboration, so it's fitting that the first thing we do is this: Sprites. Almost all of the Comics on BZP use sprites and about 95% of this wiki's articles feature comics with sprites. Why, then, is this a stub and in need of images?
Well, hopefully it won't be any longer if we start on it. So go edit and image up this article!
KH User Page-Talk 15:01, 21 July 2009 (UTC)

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