"Sure, why not?" -Bill's favorite words


Species : Matoran
Comics : I MADE THIS
Kanohi : Kanohi Trano, Mask of Everlife (Turned into a Great version by Red star)
Colors : White, Cyan
Element : Ice
Occupation : Mailman
Tools : He's defenceless.
Location : Hapori-Nui
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : BI-ll

Bill is the mailman who never dies due to an incident with the red star. He doesn't get out much because everyone treats him like a zombie, when he's really just an ordinary matoran (With a prolonged lifespan).

Character Overview

Bill got struck by the red star while with Mercenus. He died, and woke up later as a half-immortal. (Comic 14b) Bill said hi to his new neighbours, then died by Toast in his eye. He then set alight. (Comic 1) Bill was captured by Plasma man while walking in a field and had a lightsaber stuck in his head. He then died.(Comic 12) He spent some time as Plasma man's captive, and told him of his story. Plasma man ran away from him when he learnt he was undead. Bill was impaled on Hairdryer, and died. He was then captured under a cardboard box with glue in it. (Comic 22) Bill was STILL trapped in the box, until Lewajohnson cut him free. It struck his head though, and he died again. (Comic 26) Bill has not died since... yet.



Being undead leads for very AKWARD situations...

Bill is a white and cyan matoran with green eyes and a heartlight. Ordinary, basically.



  • He is set to appear in The Mercenus Crisis, it is unknown how, or when.
  • Bill will die in some other comic. Possibly in Fight for the Lazy life.


  • Bill was inspired by Transformers series charecters BW Waspinator, Animated Starscream and Animated Tutor-bot. He even has a glowing allspark shard in his head!
  • Bill MUST die in every movie my friends make once I invented him, whether it be a casualty list or an on-screen victim.

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