Biocryptid21's BS01 Comics


Author(s) : Biocryptid21
Current Season : Two
Medium : Chimoru
Island : Unknown
Main Enemies : Dr. Pepper, Chip
Number of Movies : None
Started On : June 12, 2010
Location : A Field
Status : Active
Pronunciation : N/A

Biocryptid21's BS01 Comics is a comic series written by BZPower and BionicleSector01 member Biocryptid21. It uses Dark709's Chimoru kit.


Unlike most BZPower comic series, Biocryptid21's BS01 Comics were first posted on BionicleSector01, a Bionicle Wiki, on April 6, 2010. Eventually, on May 10, 2010, the comics were posted in BZPower's Artwork III forum. After being revived on June 10, 2010, a new topic was posted on June 12. On August 3, 2010, the first part of these comics and Toa11's Comics crossover was posted. The second part was released September 17, 2010.



An example of Biocryptid21's first comic.

The comics begin with Biocryptid21 telling Grant-Sud that Twilight Avenger has been kidnapped, so they go out to find him. However, he was not kidnapped, he had only gone on a walk. Unfortunately, before Grant-Sud learns of this, he comes down from the sky and hammers Twilight Avenger. Later, Twilight Avenger tries to use a Lightsaber, but he ends up burning a hole through Grant Sud's chest.

Eventually, Biocryptid21's birthday comes, but when he expects someone to wish him a happy birthday, nobody comes. However, while he is standing in the field, his friends surprise him, causing him to pass out. They then decide that they should have just sang Happy Birthday to him.

Biocryptid later reads his widget count and is shocked by the analysis of it. Grant-Sud tells him that his original guest star has turned into a Bohrok.


  • Biocryptid21
  • Grant-Sud
  • Twilight Avenger
  • Toa Mata Nui
  • Toa Cykron
  • Toa11
  • LNU
  • Shadonix
  • Roni134730
  • Lord Oblivion The Great
  • Zerothemaster
  • Spawn of Teridax
  • Toa Derourk
  • Timmy (Toa Derourk's "pet" noob)

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