Bionicle: The Real Story


Author(s) : Justax-Kal
Current Season : 1
Medium : Rayg 2.5, some Chimoru Omega
Island : The ENTIRE Bionicle universe
Main Enemies : none yet
Number of Movies : 0
Started On : Mar 23, 2009
Location : see island
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : I think you can figure it out.


This series is a sprite comic by Justax-Kal based on the Bionicle storyline. As said in the topic: "Welcome, awhile ago (3 days ago), I got the idea of an entirly Bionicle based series. So I started working, and now you have this funny series."


In the begining, we see the Great Beings, or rather their voices, bored and needing something to do. So in atempt to cure the boredem, the red voice says Pi to the 10,000 didget. After that, the purple voice praises "... a forty million foot tall robot that has yet to be constructed!" because it's over. From there, they build said robot, and after a short arguement over the name of it, Mata-Nui is kicked to the Endless Ocean Planet.

Then, the red voice makes the mask of life, which is sent into Mata-Nui. After the blue voice kicks out Tren Korm, Spherus Magna suffers from the Shatering.

Then we move on to Mata-Nui. He makes the Order of Mata-Nui, Lesovikk and his team, and the Toa Mata. The Toa Mata are sent to Hydraxon's Bootcamp. There Hydraxon trains them by setting Spinax on them.

Fan ResponseEdit

So far, the series hass found some fans who enjoy it.


This series uses the same format as many other Bionicle storyline spoof comics, it uses one of InnerRayg's kits and it will soon use offical Bionicle images.

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