Bizzaros, or Bizzaro Forms are clones of characters that are inverted. Usually Bizzaros are evil, because usually evil people create them. Sometimes, though, they come from a natural source. The name "Bizzaro" comes from the name of the Superman villian, Bizzaro, who is an "opposite" of Superman.

Bizzaros in ComicsEdit

There are several comic series with bizzaros in them, usually thrown in to beef up the ranks of the enemy's side or to provide minor story roles. The evil Bizzaros usually end up getting killed, or at least surviving for another day. Bizzaros may have come from a "Bizzaro Dimension", or a "Bizzaro World".

Bizzaros in "The Northwestern Isles Continuity" Edit

Bizzaros in The Mercenus Legacy subscection of The Northwestern Isles Continuity share some basic traits with normal Bizzaros in other series. However, the bizzaro specimens in question are really dark manifestations of their normal counterparts. Their power level is determined by the status of their target's power level when first inspecting them, thus they can be determined as shadows of a copy, not a complete copy at their counterpart's full power. They are more demonic in appearance in this canon, and their power level is more on par with their normal counterpart and aren't inverted in colour, as to avoid the strange colours such as pink, they take darker or saturated tones of what their normal counterpart is like. Rangan has yet to demonstrate what these Bizzaros can do. In IMT, The Puppeteer is Bizzaro Eljay's Neon Form.

Blade Titan974's ComicsEdit

Bizzaro Forms in Blade Titan974's Comics will start to appear in Quest For The Meta Sword. They will serve as antagonists in the series. Here they will come from the Bizzaro Dimension/World.

Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0 and it's movieEdit

In these comics, the Bizzaros are in the form of Inverto, a villain with the power to make anyone inverted. And Bizzaro Philipnova798, the evil, inverted version of Philipnova798

Bizzaros in The PastEdit

Gunnar, leader of the Army of Darkness, created bizzaros of Vican - Shadow Master and most of the PGSes in the series. Over the rest of the comics, most of them either got killed, or almost did. But the bizzaro of Gavla escaped from harm and disapeared until finally showing up again in Gavla's Comics to help revive Gunnar.

List of Comic Series with BizzarosEdit

Comic Series that have Bizzaros include:

And many more.

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