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Black Outline Dok


Species : Matoran/Toa
Comics : Heroes
Kanohi : Rua/Rua Nuva
Colors : Green, dark blue, black
Element : Black outlines
Occupation : Decimater of Tricolour, Dark Derivative
Tools : None
Location : Unknown
Status : Alive‎
Pronunciation : blak owt-line dock

Black Outline Dok is a villain in the third season of Heroes who is a virtual clone of Dokuma with the exception of his glowing red eyes and evil personality. As implied by the name, his sprite's outlines are black.


As an Exolite examines the site of the death of servant of Exo M7 and former Dimensio-Agent NaNDeRHeiSeR, Black Outline Dok descends from the sky and confesses to murdering the man, stating he was a disgrace to Lord Exo.

Ruebix Torque and FLuGLeHieMeR rush to the scene and engage Black Outline Dok in battle.


The concept behind the character is based on several of Dokuma's friends' resentment towards the fact that Dokuma still uses original versons of RZMIK sprites rather than the tricolor version developed by Metrukuta. Ironically, The Spork also uses the original RZMIK. Ironically, Dokuma has since officially switched to using tricolor sprites as of his most recent Generic Quest comic.

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