Genre : Random comedy
Written By : iPenguin
Current Season : One
Location/Setting : Anywhere, Everywhere
Main Enemies : None
Starting Date : June 27, 2009
Medium : Modified RZ
Status : Closed

Blah was a comic series by iPenguin launched on June 27, 2009. They are long, with the second comic being almost 30 panels.

With the slogan "Anything, Everything, Anytime", Blah is a random comedy series with each comic being set in random locations such as in GIMP, a field of grass and many more. However, it takes randomness to a more intelligent and funny level, not the stereotypical noobishness, it also sometimes pokes fun of stereotypical jokes (such as writer's block). It uses Modified RZ and has professional backgrounds.



A smart idiot. iPenguin is a strange but mysterious matoran, at the same time. He normally spends most of his time alone, and is rarely seen in a large crowd. Rumors say he is extremely Claustrophobic, and he is extremely stubborn

Hapori Tohu

He hates iPenguin. He completely despises him. iPenguin is rude, uncaring and acts stupid around him. He really wants to leave iPenguin and his realm of madness, but he can't. - Fun fact: Hapori Tohu was originally made for the series "The Irrelevant Trio" a comic series made by iPenguin. iPenguin depicted him as a Power Mad, Ego-filled and constantly annoyed figure. iPenguin liked these attributes, and made him a full-time character for the Irrelevant Trio and .Com V3.

When .Com V4 was released Tohu just made cameo appearances and was only used as comic relief. He was only used when iPenguin was to lazy to make new characters.

The "Original" Blah

There was a series before this one named Blah. and Blah. 2.0 created by CaptainKangaroo, however they were highly unsuccessful with 1.0 only getting three replies and the rest being constant multi-posting from the author, 2.0 on the other hand only gained two replies before being closed for revival.

You can view them here and here.


"I LOL'D AT IT." -Kothra

"Exquisitely fantastic. I like the style too. =) clever humor." -Cal

"I've never really read Art III comics.

I read this one.

I luffed it.

I think I'll read Art III comics now." -Fire Dawn

"Awesome-sox." -Pocket Aces

"OH MEH GOSH that was an epic win." -Garda

"You're back, and you're still win.


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