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Blavinoid Marcalium


Species : Martian
Comics : Generic Quest
Kanohi : Hau
Colors : Dark red, orange
Element : Natural Martian superpowers
Occupation : Leader of the Last Brigade
Tools : None
Location : Mars
Status : Alive, on Mars
Pronunciation : N/A

Blavinoid Marcalium is a Martian protagonist in Generic Quest and the leader of the Last Brigade.

As a Martian, his abilities include super strength, super speed, flight, laser vision, invulnerability, and the ability to absorb and release energy is sometimes massive amounts. Also as part of his natural Martian traits is the fact that his eyes glow a bright white when full of zeal.

Blavinoid was killed in an attack on the Last Brigade's base on the Moon, but later showed up as a mentor "in Dokuma's heart." When Sir Evil attacked Dokuma with Eyefourgott energies, however, Blavinoid was released from his heart and returned to his physical form. Blavinoid stayed on the moon for 19.5 hours afterwards, fighting Sir Evil alongside the Spirit Guide. He later fled to Earth to help them find the Eyefourgott, and was involved in the strike that successfully assassinated Malvadon.

After Mars was recreated by Dokuma, Blavinoid resumed his life there. His status after the invasion of Mars by Harold Sun is unknown.

Dokuma has based the character of Blavinoid off of Martian Manhunter from Smallville.

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