Blue Heck is a void, blue dimension that envelopes the realm of Project Klinkerpoop from all sides, composing both the sky and what is underneath the ground (as the ground is merely a thin layer of grassy earth).
Blue heck

A Project Klinkerpoop comic featuring the blue heck

In Project Klinkerpoop

Blue Heck first appears in comic 13, after the Klinker King uproots Doofel, leaving a hole in the ground opening into Blue Heck. Tums walks over, and looks into the hole, declaring that they've struck Blue Heck. In the following comic, MK's head and arms, which were floating in Blue Heck, are separated. This makes MK lonely. After a while, Tums, who apparently fell into Blue Heck, flies by. On the surface, a search party is formed to find MK, but in the end, only Takomo goes into Blue Heck, where he transforms.

Blue Heck is mentioned again much later, in Season 2. After realizing that the comics are nothing more than a bunch of meme's, Nid asks Tums for help. Tums informs Nid that within Blue Heck is a bunker that contains a computer that prevents resets to the comics. It was created after Dokuma used a Deus Ex Machina button to reset the comics previously.

In other series

  • A brief saga in Janaro featured Blue Heck.

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