Species : Cybertronian action Figure
Comics : The Life of the Toys
Kanohi : None
Colors : Tan
Element : None
Occupation : Hater of pretty much everything
Tools : Sheer force, mini Scorpion
Location : Somewhere moping his existance
Status : alive
Pronunciation : Bone-Crusher

Bonecrusher is a character in Philipnova798's upcoming comic series, The Life of the Toys.

He hates everything and hates that he hates everything.

Character Overview

Bonecrusher is the epiphany of hate, hating everyone and everything (even himself). He is, however, actually good friends of Mantax though. He also loves releasing his mini scorpion/minesweeper on people (especially Starscream). He's rarely seen do to his hatred of everything. But whenever he's seen he's usually taking his anger on either Movie Prime or Tanktron (who is a constant target to Bonecrusher's attacks then everything else).

The other Bonecrusher

There are two Bonecrushers in these comics. The other takes the form of a purple bulldozer. He is a Constructicon and founder of the Construction Robot Building Agency. he works overtime to produce buildings that the other Constructicons are too lazy to do. This is something (or Bullcrusher as he's known as by the other Constructicons) hates very much. But he more or less has to do it or be sued.


  • Hater Bonecrusher lost his ability to Transform after losing his hand and parts of his arm. And he hates that so much.
  • Bullcrusher is actually a knock off of Generation 1 Bonecrusher (who was neon green and purple)

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