Bot709 is a clone of Lucas709, who was created by Sir Pickles, using a cloning machine stolen from the Army of Darkness.


Sir Pickles stole a cloning machine from the Army of Darkness sometime during the events of The Past. Pickles tested it on his fellow comic maker, Lucas709, without being noticed. The result was different from the original, due to some color altering. Pickles then sent his creation, which he called Bot709, to the continent on Alternia, to see if it could destroy the Army of Darkness, which it eventually failed to do.


Due to the color altering, Bot709 looks exactly like the future version of Lucas709, aka Dark709. It often is making strange beeping noises, but usually acts normal. Some Matoran think it is mentally retarded, but it is surprisingly intelligent.

The Cloning Machine

Sir Pickles created Bot709 because he wanted to see if the cloning machine worked. It did, but before he had a chance to use it on his minion Mr. Zimmwad, and fulfill his dream of taking over the world, it was stolen by him from Lord Zahaki and Protorak. It was later used by these two to make the Vican Clones.


  • In the version of The Past that Bot709 was first in, before the series was restarted, and its part in the story was rethought, Sir Pickles had called Bot709 "The Dark Night", because of its dark gray appearance.
  • The cloning machine that was used to create Bot709 was part of the set of cloning machines that created the Gavla Clones, so it may be possible that another Gavla Clone would have been created if the machine was not stolen.

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