Branden's past

Branden was born to the parents of Sir Lard and Madam Mayo. He grew up on the island of Fol-Nui. He has one brother, Tom, and four sisters: Shila, Saldi, Sally, and Gali. Branden is very close to his sister Shila but hates the job she has. After his parent's death he took over the family. Though he does not fully show it he is sadden with the loss of his parents.

Branden the ladies man

Branden has been known as a ladies man for the odd reason that ga-matoran like being around him. Though ga-matoran fall for him, a lot of females he met did not. It is said that his very blood flows with the dew of the Sy-nui blueberries, one of three sy-plants female matoran are attracted too.

Branden the fighter

Though Branden is not a fighter he is a BZ-Guard spy. Given the flame gun and a special dew of fire he can shoot flaming lightning bolts out of his left hand. Because he is a spy no one knows. Except him and Shila.

Child support

Branden's brother Tom is very lazy. Before he became lazy he married a ga-matoran named Sarla. After a sy-plant accident she gave birth to their son little Jimmy. But after that Tom became lazy, so Sarla left him. Tom does not even pay child support so it is in Branden's hands to pay it.


  • Branden was the first character Gavla made.
  • In Gavla's hand drawn comics Branden was based of Gavla's best friend and had three eyes.
  • Branden's female loving nature was the cause of the original hand drawn comics, they had him as a ladies man.

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