Bread Nui's sillohete, with the Percimate Untolica inside it.

Bread Nui is one of many islands in the Food Chain, which itself is one of few islands in the North-western Isles. TOASTER MKII came to own it via an eBuy auction. Toaster's Island is set here.

Important Places


  • Twelve-mile-wide Beach
  • Naccu Swamp
  • Skull Rock
  • The Brad's Head (Rock formation and cliff)
  • Mount Ayne


  • Pinicala Eclipta (Pinnicle of the Sun)
  • Pile of Ship remains
  • Port Mecca
  • The Brad's Head (The Statue)

Inhabinants (In order of arrival/evolution)


  • Savage Neo-Shifters (Created as early as 342 million BC (Before Cactylsm))
  • The Bradack tribe (Arrived 238 million BC (Before Cactylsm))
  • The Glass Man (In Bradack Legend only) (Said to have arrived 1 BC (Before Cactylsm))

New Arrivals


A shocking secret will be revealed about Bread Nui's history in Toaster's Island.

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