"No matter which want to fight us', the Ultimate Power must be there! "

"But you don't know what it is.."

"Believe me Pyrus, we will destroy New BZ-Metru with it soon enough."- Makuta Codex to Pyrus.

Brotherhood of Codex


Headquarters : Codex Tower
Leader : Makuta Codex
Purpose : Seeking the Ultimate Power and destroy New BZ-Metru
Allies : Shadow Creeps
Enemies : Order of the Second Tohu, Toa Epsilon
Status : Active
Comics : Inikarobert1's Comics 2.0
Location :

The Brotherhood of Codex or BoC is the most dangerous organization New Comic Land has ever seen. It was created by Makuta Codex, an enemy of the second Tohu.


Since the death of Teridax and the rise of the second Tohu and the OotST, Codex is very furious about the new government and New Comic Land itself, thus settled on an island city called Codex Nui. He started his own Brotherhood buisness and created an army known as the "Shadow Creeps". He prepared to seek the Ultimate Power that no one knows what it is. With his members including, Barraki Nocturn, Pyrus, and a green Barraki whick looks like Takadox named Shadonox. The new Brotherhood attacks New Sy-Nui, which sunk into the ocean. They next send out the former Skrall leader, Tuma to tear up the shrine. The BoC is currently resides in Codex Tower.



Makuta Codex







Shadow Creeps

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