Cahli and shila

Species : Matoran
Comics : Gavla's comics 2.0
Kanohi : always different
Colors : As Cahli: light blue and sorta dark blue As Shila: Silver, gray, and Dark blue
Element : water, seduction
Occupation : tempter
Tools : anything she can hold
Location : Meta-Nui right now
Status : Alive
Pronunciation : Cahli sounds like Hahli, and Shila is (she) (la)

Shila's past

Shila was born to the parents of Sir Lard and Madam Mayo. She grew up on the island of Fol-Nui. She has two brothers, Branden and Tom. And she has three sisters, Sally, Saldi, and Toa Gali. She is distant from her brother Tom, and her sisters, but very close to Branden. He has always cared for her. At the age of six she was sent to Roodaka to learn to be a tempter. Tempters are named that for their job of being hired to tempt someone to do something. After 200 years of learning, she was sent to Sy-Nui to tempt Gunatrax into evil. Her plan backfired and was kidnapped by the Shadow of lazyness. She was ordered to one day tempt Gavla and kill him.

Shila as Cahli

After Sy-Nui's downfall, Shila took the look and feelings of one of Gavla's old friends, Cahli, sister of Hahli. As Cahli she and her brother, Branden took jobs at Gavla's comic studio. She "was" Cahli now, and she had a job. When a PGS named Dot.Dude came to the studio he fell in love with her, and so did she.

Shila attacks

After many years of being Cahli, the comic team arrived at the destroyed island of Sy-Nui. The island, which was at war with the StOgg, had very little life left. Shila's control over her body's looks as Cahli were fading... she had to attack. Entering Gavla's hut she smoothly and seductively seduced Gavla into turning around so she could scratch his back (with a big sword). The attack failed and was kidnapped by the StOgg. Her love, Dot.dude was kidnapped as well. After learning about Shila being Cahli, he hated her. However they forgave. The next day Makuta Makron knew something was wrong with Shila. After having her scanned, he learned that she was pregnant. How she got pregnant is unknown. Makron blames Dot.Dude. It was just found that Shila ate a blueberry. On Sy-Nui, matoran believed that eating blueberries would allow the female matoran to give birth. Shila, not knowing this, ate one. After finding the berry's powers, she seemed to not be worried.

Tools of the trade

Shila, like any tempter, has two BZ-Guard blasters, and a disk launcher. But like any true tempter she has her looks, feelings, and her sexual magnetism that lets her get her job done. Many have seen Shila use a type of needle to put a special virus into matoran. Why she has stop using it none know why.


  • Shila's looks and colors are based off a character that was going to be in the comics but was not.
  • Shila's love for Dot.Dude, was a request he made when he first PGS.
  • She is known to have a voice attack that can shatter masks.

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