Chan'e is a comic maker currently named Chan'e the Demongirl who does not only use Bionicle sprites, but also Anime and Halo sprites. She has helped with and/or created four comic series so far, here they are:

Chan`e's first comics

Chane` did a wonderful job at her first comic series, with PGSes like Gavla, Jaller Mahri, Nuparurocks, Vahi786 and many more and bad guys like Jagg and Dagg. The series, unlike a lot of comic's on BZP, was not a comedy but rather, an epic. It was officially closed by InnerRayg, so she went on to make...

Chan'e and Vahi786's Comics!

Chane` later on agreed with Vahi786 to make a series where her and Vahi would be the only authors. They have Anime and Bionicle sprites. It is epic/comedy and has many PGSes and GSes. She also made, at the same time...

The Chronicles of Chan`e and Bionicle Raptor

Chan`e and Bionicle Raptor also are making an epic series together. It has Bionicle, Halo and Anime sprites. Chan`e returns in the squeal to her first epic, this time, with the help of Bionicle Raptor. In another epic journey. Then finally..

Chan`e's Comic's 2

Chan`e recently let out an Anime sprite only series. She took all her PGSes, made Anime sprites mainly from the Game "Prinny Can I really Be The Hero", and re-colored them, to fit there character. Some PGSes include: Vakiti, Gavla, Nuparurocks, Arrol, Philipnova798, Vahi786, and many, many more.

Chan`e's Rz and Xan comic's

Another Chan'e series, this time, with RZMIK and Xanis kit. It has all her PGSes from other comic's.

Other appearances

Chane has also been an author for Blademan's BZPowertron and was also slated to appear in Venom's Civil War.

She was also a GS in Philipnova798's Comic Factory 2.0 during season 2.

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