Chan'e and Vahi786's Comics, due to be renamed into Chan'e and Vahi: 2, is a Double-Author series, created and authored by Chan'e and Vahi786.

Season 1

In late 2008, Vahi noticed many members where doing comic series with other members. Usually more than two. Vahi looked all over BZPower for freinds who make comics, and want to do them with him. The first he came across and asked was Chan'e she agreed to do it. They thought over several kits, first one suggested was by Chan'e, she thought of the Rayg Kit, but Vahi, not knowing Rayg from RZMIK at the time, asked if she was talking about RZ, which he thought was Rayg. She showed him what Rayg really was, and thought RZMIK could be used if he wanted, they agreed on using RZ and Rayg kit in the end. So, on January 25 2009, the comics where ready to be posted up to BZPower. Later in February, Vahi786 found a site called "" where they had sprites from Disgaea games, Vahi found these interesting, and would soon figure out those are the same sprites Chan'e uses alot, seeing Etna, from Disgaea 2. Vahi has a lot of Disgaea kits now, and has become a fan of it.

Late at night, on May 18th, 2010, Vahi purposely revived the topic, asking for it to be closed. He also announced that it wasn't the end of the series, just the end of the season. The season had run for a bit under a year and a half.

Season 2

Chan'e and Vahi have just released Season 2 under the name "Chan'e and Vahi: 2." It uses Dokuma's Nanonicle kit, mixed with video game sprites, like in Season 1. It also takes place in a stone tower, instead of a comic studio. They are also only bringing back PGSes who still follow the series.

The topic is currently dead, and it is unknown if it will make a return.

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