Channel 42

Channel42 copy

Genre : Comedy
Started/Maintained By : Xanis
Current Season : First
Location/Setting : Unknown
Main Enemies : None
Starting Date : January 15, 2007
Sprite Kit : RZMIK
Status : Dead

Channel 42 was a failed attempt at a non-story based comic created by Xanis. It was made to escape the story constrictions of Randamonium!. Only 6 comics were made.


The original idea of the series was to spoof various forms of entertainment (Movies, TV Shows, Commercials, Video Games). The main cast included Xanis, Katayru, Metrukuta, Billy, and Gilbert. However the series lost the concept and became a general comedy series. Due to a stop in comic production and a sudden halt in posts the series died after 2 days.


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