Channel Billion, formally known as Channel 156,366,523,010, is a TV channel which broadcasts to an undisclosed location. It is owned and managed by Turaga Dlakii, and is a subsidiary of parent company Dlakii Industries.


It is unknown when the channel was established, other than the fact that it preceded rival channel L.L.A.M.A.S. Its origin is entirely irrelevant to the series at present.

Some time ago - this date is also unknown - the channel came under the management of Turaga Dlakii. He was quick to install his own cast and crew in place of the old hands, tailoring the entire channel to his liking.


Channel Billion is a rather basic channel, much like Channel Nine or Ten of Australia. It mainly produces his own programs; this is evident in the fact that the channel's own workers host these programs.

Programs seen on Channel Billion include:

  • Channel Billion News (News program}
  • The Tomorrow Show (Morning talk show}
  • A Not-So-Current Affair (Current affairs program}
  • Skakdi Idol (A spoof of Australian Idol}
  • CSI: Odina (A spoof of the CSI franchise}
  • Big Toa (A spoof of reality show Big Brother}
  • Survivor: Voya Nui (A spoof of the Survivor franchise}


This is a list of the various staff, past and present, of the channel; this is essentially a more complete character list for The Newsroom.


  • Turaga Dlakii (present)

Assistant Manager

  • Aoran (present)
  • DudeNuva (present)

Deputy Assistant Manager

News Presenters

  • Pyra (present)
  • Gira (present)
  • Nukora (former)
  • Domek (Guest Star, former)

Tomorrow Show Presenters

A Not-So-Current Affair Presenters




  • The channel's name was created when Turaga Dlakii blindfolded himself and randomly pressed twelve number keys.
  • Channel Billion was referenced in an episode of Froops when Toa Dume, main antagonist, bragged about his new spy camera and television combination.
  • Much to Turaga Dlakii's disgust, Channel Billion was referenced in an epic by Rangan Mercenus. Turaga Dlakii is not happy about this in the least. It was then instantly removed, but not before Dlakii brought the issue to the attention of BZPower staff.

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