Channel Billion Studios, formally known as Channel 156,366,523,010 Studios, is a TV studio set in Taone Nui. It is the main setting of The Newsroom, and home to the TV channel known as Channel Billion.


No-one knows when the studio was built, nor does it affect the story (or lack thereof) at all. It is also unknown when Turaga Dlakii came into posession of the studio. All that really matters is that during Dlakii's tenure as its owner, the studio has suffered considerably, notably being partially crushed by a Wailord on one occasion.


From the various hints dropped throughout the series, the studio is probably located within a city. It appears to be surrounded by a park with several smaller houses built nearby.

The studio itself is a mere five stories tall, but is extremely spacious and each floor has high ceilings. Most of the floors have at least two studios for different programs.

There is open access to the roof, as proven in several incidents involving throwing items (these being as diverse as Aoran's desk and DudeNuva himself) off the building.

The exact placement of locations within the studio is unknown, other than Dlakii's office being on the top floor, and the tech support department (briefly DudeNuva's office) in the basement.


  • Channel Billion Studios is a television studio, NOT a comic studio. Coincidentally, the official sprite kit distributed to its co-authors is referred to as a "comic studio".

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