Chath's Comics: Looking at the Sky

Revolt heading

Author(s) : Chath
Current Season : Revolt (5)
Medium : Xaniskit
Island : Zona-Nui
Main Enemies : N/A
Number of Movies : N/A
Started On : February Sixth, 2011
Location : Chath and Co.'s House
Status : Running
Pronunciation : N/A

This series was created by Chath on BZPower on February Sixth, 2011.


Season OneEdit

This series was made entirely in Paint, and was in Chimoru Omega. They weren't the best comics, but they were good for a newcomer to the Artwork III Forum. They were deleted in the Great Dataclysm.

Season TwoEdit

Under the topic dubbed Chath's Studio, the second season, made in Chimoru Alpha and Xaniskit, and wasn't all that it could be, for Chath was learning how to use Gimp, and could have bee better if he spent more time on them instead of Gimp. They weren't an utter failure like the first, though. The second season ended with two comics called The Raid. The first comic got deleted off of the computer and Brickshelf, so it can never be viewed again.

Chath's Season 3 Poster

Season ThreeEdit

Also within Chath's Studio, this season was short-lived, only containing three comics. This season was in Xaniskit, and was completely made in Paint.

Looking at the Sky (Season Four)Edit

This season is made on Chath's Macbook Pro, and made entirely in Gimp because the Mac version of Paint is a terrible program. So far, it has the lowest amount of non-PGS cast members out of all four seasons. It is made in Six-Shade Chimoru, and has been a little more 'adult' than the past three seasons.


Chath's current attempt at a dramatic series. Xaniskit is being used again, and the graphics have improved (or so Chath likes to think). 


Character Description Gender Species
Chath The focus of the comics. He is normally calm, and does his best to remain so. He and Angie are having fun raising their child Epsilon Male Elite Matoran
Angie Angie is a nice, funny, calm woman, and currently Chath's girlfriend. She enjoys talking to the other cast members, and is usually content with the way of things. Female Matoran
Epsilon A young, naive, thoughtful child. He enjoys being with his parents, but doesn't mind being on his own. He enjoys hanging out with Gavla, a PGS, because he can tell great stories. Male Elite Matoran
Kylara Chath's sister. She enjoys being in charge, and likes things done when she says it and how she says it. She knows not to boss around her brother, so she usually picks on Cahk, Sam, and some of the PGSs. Female Matoran
Cahk Once a cake obsessed idiot, he is now an innocent, childlike guy who may come off as weird, but is smart, and respected by everyone but Kylara. Male Matoran
Sam A normal guy with normal problems. He is Chath's best friend and they enjoy hanging out together. He like Cahk, and enjoys getting back and Kylara for yelling at him through various pranks. Male Matoran
Mahn Mahn is like an amplified version of Chath. He is quiet, and is usually meditating. He gets mad at whatever breaks his concentration, though. He has recently been able to use his aura to make himself levitate. Male Matoran

PGS List

1. Dj N00bsayer

2. Vahi Teridax

3. Dark Warlord

4. Absorba

5. Garda

6. Gavla

7. NX09

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